Salon Hours

Monday9am - 7pm
Tuesday9am - 7pm
Wednesday9am - 7pm
Thursday9am - 7pm
Friday9am - 7pm
Saturday9am - 7pm
SundayBy Appointment
We travel to your home to do your hair

Hair Cuts and Styles

 Hair Cuts                                               
Women's Design Cut (45 min.)    $75
A hair cut designed for the individual needs of a
woman. Niloo knows the importance of a gorgeous
hairstyle. Your stylist also understands that your
hair cut is a big part of your personal appearance.
She will help you choose the perfect hairstyle.
Men's Cut (30 min.)   $35
While there are many men’s hairstyles to choose
from, it’s understandable that many men prefer a
short hairstyle or haircut that is easy to take care
of and doesn't require much work. This easy to
wear preference is likely the reason that short
haircuts, like crew cuts and other styles, are
among the most popular haircuts men wear.
Contrary to the various medium and longer length
hairstyles for men, which may require a certain
look to “pull off,” shorter haircuts look good on
almost everyone, and they also open up your face
and let people see you clearly.
Children's Cut (30 min.)   $30 & up
Our kid's haircut is a special service just for the
little ones. Let Niloo who is great with kids trim
off the extra fly-aways.
 Hair Styles                                             
Short to Medium Hair (30 min.)
Long Hair (60 min.)
Perfect for that special occasion, and night out.
The hair is washed, blown dry, straightened or
curled and styled with the perfect hair products.
You'll end up with beautiful style that compliments
your look.
Blowout with any color service   $45
Blowout without color service   $55
Conditioning Treatment (15 min.)   $15
Customized Treatments that makes your dry or
damaged hair smooth and healthy looking. It also
restores moisture and prevents further problems.
 Stylz Application                                   
Download the Stylez App to choose from awesome
collections of hair style.