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Natural, Undetectable Hair Enhancement
With the Evolve Volumizer, you can have the texture, volume and color that you want without the use of chemicals. Evolve is a customized hair integration system made from very high quality, 100% human hair that has the same look and feel as your own natural hair. It can be personalized and customized according to your own unique preferences for a style that is not only natural looking, but also beautiful.

Evolve hair systems and semi-permanent hairpieces are specifically engineered for women with up to 50% hair loss in the crown as well as for people with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair. The unique stretchable, silicone base makes the Evolve Volumizer completely comfortable, natural and undetectable, and the fit is so perfect that you will actually forget that you are wearing it. Unlike other hair systems or hairpieces for women, it does not require any tape, or adhesives, and it's extremely low maintenance. Evolve can be installed by one of our certified stylists in only 2.5 hours, which also includes a professional haircut and style. The innovative design and technology allows your hair to remain in place day and night for up to 4 weeks, at which time you can schedule a visit with our stylists for a quick, affordable reset. It can also be worn in addition to or as an alternative to, hair extensions.

The Evolve Volumizer is customized for each client during the consultation process. The EVOLVE Volumizer can be an excellent solution for hair loss up to 50% and for fine and thinning hair. Your EVOLVE Certified Stylist will assess your individual needs and your desires to create the perfect solution that is just right for you.If you have suffered through the pain of hair loss or thinning hair, EVOLVE Volumizer may be just the solution.

Unique Features and Benefits:
* A unique semi-permanent women’s hair loss solution
* 100% hand tied with a stretchable, self-molding, flexible silicone base for comfort
* Allows optimal blending possibilities with your own natural hair
* Adds texture, volume and length, as well as highlights, low lights and fantasy color
* Custom-designed for your individual style and preferences
* No chemicals, glues or adhesives are required
* Fits undetectably on the scalp
* Lays totally flat to the head.
* Weightless and comfortable.
* Hair has a soft, smooth touch with flawless texture.
* Behaves and feels like your own natural hair
* Low maintenance and upkeep cost